Green Professional Recording Studio Construction- Capital CM LLC.

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  • 4 April, 2013
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Capital CM LLC’s founder, Jim Schwenk, has a long history in music production.  As a  life-long musician, producer of music and recording engineer, Jim has  built two private recording studios including one for himself.  But now through his company, Capital CM LLC,  he is taking these skills to the public with this latest project,  a private recording studio for a local music producer, studio drummer and former touring Artist. Incorporating  LEED building practices, Capital CM is utilizing natural light, low VOC emitting, regional and recycled materials, Energy Star appliances, LED lighting, low water use fixtures, custom air quality monitoring and comfort controls to create an exceptional recording environment.  Special consideration and study is being conducted by Civil Engineers to design a building envelope that preserves the surrounding natural environment while maximizing the usable space.  The Owner is constructing this private home studio for personal and professional use.  The studio will consist of complete living quarters for out of town guests, state of the art tracking room and control room with isolation booth, drum room, and media/microphone storage room.

This custom project studio will feature custom racking and furniture and will accommodate high-end boutique equipment with an estimated value of $350,000.00 including  Neve, Universal Audio, Soundworks, API, Shadow Hills, Apple Logic and Apogee.  The monitoring system will be determined upon final listening room dimensions.  Civil site planning, 3D modeling and design work is well underway.

Construction is targeted to begin in the late  summer of 2013.

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